If you want to benefit from the Eiken in the high school entrance exam, it is recommended to aim to pass the second grade by the third grade of junior high school.

Obtaining an EIKEN is advantageous for high school entrance exams. I think this will be a great benefit for junior high school students to get eiken.
Some public high schools can expect to make an addition point in the in-app.
In many schools, it seems that level 3 or higher is the subject of evaluation.

In the case of a private school, it seems that there are various ways to handle eiken, but there seem to be the following cases besides the addition points of the academic achievement test. There are cases where it is mandatory to maintain the 3rd and 2nd grade as a condition for the recommendation entrance examination, and cases where the EIKEN CSE score is evaluated by the conversion table of the high school without performing a written examination in the academic ability selection.

In the case of high schools and English departments that focus on English, there seem to be many patterns that are considered for exemption from some test items and pass/fail judgment.

Listening is important to get used to.
The reason is that English has more sounds than Japanese.
In addition to the basic 50 sounds, Japanese is pronounced using about 100 sounds in total, such as turbid sounds. On the other hand, English is pronounced using about 1,800 sounds!
For that reasonEarly childhood to memorize words is the best!
The sponge enters more and more like absorbing water.

I would be happy if I could help such children.